Iron As a Building Material – A History of Using Iron

İron throne wheelchair costume: The Dragonball z figure was used as inspiration for the Iron Throne character, the disabled Bruce Lee in his role as the master of Dragonball. Decked out in an iron throne wheelchair, the 85-year-old female actor proved that winners come in all shapes and sizes. Even an iron throne wheelchair can pose a safety hazard when carrying it down the street. This is why the scene at Dragonball Z was a prop designed just for the stunt actors and camera operators.

It’s safe to say that no one will miss the scene at Dragonball Z whooping and cheering were the crowd’s delight. What didn’t kill me was the speed with which the disabled Lee wheeled his chair across the stage and onto the dance floor. Imagine how fast he must have moved if he’d been using a real wheelchair. Imagine how many more people we would have missed if he’d been using a regular seat. I hope someday someone makes a wheelchair like this.

Iron As a Building Material - A History of Using Iron

The scene at Dragonball Z was part of a press junket organized by Disney to promote the release of Dragonball: Evolution. The Iron Throne theme was featured in several shots, including the one where Lee’s wheelchair races down the aisle during the wedding scene. In the Japanese version of Dragonball, Lee’s wheelchair appears as an armless figure riding a white horse. A red and blue cloth wrapped around the wheelchair adds to its 3-D effect. A cool scene, indeed. And if you happen to have a small child who loves the iron throne, the two of you could spend some quiet time sitting in front of the TV and recreate scenes from Dragonball.

The scene in the Japanese version was not entirely without controversy. In the scene, the iron throne is pushed by hand and it topples over a boy on the ground. Some viewers felt that the boy should have been thrown, or at least knocked off his feet, for just doing something so unprofessional. (There is even a clip of the child being hit by the iron throne in one Chinese video site.)

Some fans have accused the makers of the Iron Throne of plagiarizing a scene from a Chinese opera. “The Emperor has died, but the dragon still lives in his iron throne,” one Chinese character said in a popular microblog post. “Who is the new Emperor?” another wondered. This didn’t stop Iron Throne from releasing a sequel, but the theme song to that movie is “Heavenly Father.”

A more plausible claim is that the iron chair in the scene is actually a mobility lift/chair. Lifts are available that can hold up to 350 pounds, or about the weight of a small child. The iron chair makes it easy to move from an iron throne wheelchair costume into a simple lifting device. The whole scenario is symbolic of iron being a substance that holds up the spirit while resting. It would make more sense that someone would use iron as an iron throne than that someone would use a chair.

Iron may very well be an excellent material for a throne as well as a mobility lift. If you’re looking for a wheelchair lift, make sure to check out the iron. It will save you money, it is more durable, safer, and will hold up better than most other materials. If you’re thinking about putting in your own iron chair, make sure you get one that is compatible. Many models are not compatible with others, because they vary so much in shape.

Regardless of whether or not you want to get an iron chair or not, it’s always good to have some iron around the house. Iron will last forever, and you can pass it down through the generations. Just remember, an iron chair doesn’t do as well in cold weather as a wooden or plastic wheelchair would. Make sure you protect your iron chair from the harsher temperatures of winter. If you want to enjoy sitting on an iron throne all your life, make sure you look for a quality lift that will make it possible to do just that.

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