The Three Types of All Terrain Wheelchair

The Three Types of All Terrain Wheelchair : All-terrain wheelchairs allow those who use them to enter the water and give much-improved mobility over beach sand and along rocky terrain. Most all terrain wheelchairs have non-removable tires making them very difficult to carry and also extremely difficult to transport if they have removable tires. The best all-terrain wheelchair sales price is one that allows you to enjoy hours of fun and freedom without the worry of damage or breakdown. The all-terrain wheelchair wheels are the center of all-terrain wheelchair selection. There are many different types of all terrain wheelchair wheels.

Hard anodized all-terrain wheels are used with most electric all terrain wheelchair chairs. These hard-anodized wheels have special coatings that resist dirt, grease, oils, and water. They are strong and durable. These anodized wheels are available in several different colors such as gray, black, and silver. Some specialty all-terrain wheelchair companies make polka dots and other patterns on their polka dots on the wheels.

Soft all terrain wheelchair wheels are used for off-road, and all-terrain wheelchair transportation. These all terrain wheelchair wheels have an extra coating that resists rust and will not degrade after many years of exposure to the elements. They can be found in a variety of colors including red, black, yellow, tan, pink, blue, mocha, and all other colors that you can think of. Many specialty all-terrain wheelchair companies will paint your vehicle as well.

The Three Types of All Terrain Wheelchair

Mountain Trike wheels were developed to provide a comfortable ride for hikers, while still allowing mountain bikers to have the same outdoor experience. Mountain trikes look like all terrain wheelchairs, but they have off-road treads for riding in all types of weather, mud, gravel, snow, or slush. Some companies will make customized all terrain wheelchairs so you can have a style and size of wheelchair that fit your lifestyle. Some of the most popular brands of mountain trikes are Ementi, Fox, Heffe, Kona, and Volk.

Off-road wheelchair users need off-road tires for off-road riding. The tread is more firm than on a pavement bike, but it is still flexible for all types of terrain. Good off-road tires for outdoor chairs include Schlerix, Rubicon, Eureka, and Enduro. These all terrain wheelchair users can use almost all terrain tires on almost all-wheeled vehicles. Some companies will only offer certain models of all-terrain wheelchair tires.

Waterproof all terrain wheels are great for beach riding, or any other type of beach-related recreational activity. This type of wheelchair offers great traction in all types of water including puddles, deep oceans, and lakes. Most manufacturers offer both soft and gas-powered versions of these wheels. Soft gas-powered versions are less expensive, but they do not have as much grip as their hard-piped counterparts do.

Gas-powered beach wheelchairs will require you to have a gas-powered engine. Good tires for gas-powered wheelchairs are Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, and Radial. Pirelli and Michelin are generally recognized as being good all-terrain tires. You can also find good all-terrain tires from Dunlop, though.

Beach wheelchairs can have all terrain wheels and tires as well, but they are best used for beach-related activities. These wheelchairs are made specifically for surfing, kayaking, and other water based activities that take place on the shores. Other all terrain wheelchair models can be used on all terrain types of pavement, but their motors may not fit indoors unless they are enclosed in a special enclosure. These models may cost more money, but they offer a great all-terrain wheelchair option.

Off-road wheelchairs are designed for rough terrain or gravel use. These are usually equipped with all terrain tires, but not always. Some rough all terrain wheelchairs come with a smaller engine and a smaller selection of wheels. These are generally suitable for short trips, though they may not be as strong as their smooth-riding counterparts. More durable models can be used on rough surfaces all day, provided the rider is careful. They can also handle mud and other puddles fairly well, though some riders prefer to stay away from these surfaces altogether.

The third type of all terrain wheelchair is hexing. Hexhog wheelchairs are similar to the all terrain wheelchair, except they are geared towards hiking and camping. These chairs are larger than all-terrain wheelchairs and are sometimes called all-terrain trikes because they can be used for all terrain and all-terrain driving as well. A hexhog is most often used by those with physical disabilities that limit them from traveling on regular all terrain vehicles.

Beach wheelchairs are specifically designed to help people who must travel to beaches and other bodies of water. Most beaches have rugged terrains with sharp rocks and other hazards that all wheelchairs can easily destroy. A beach wheelchair is made to withstand this type of terrain and still provide a smooth ride. They come in many styles and models to fit all budgets and all needs.

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