Wheelchair Accessible Shower Stalls

Wheelchair accessible showers offer a number of benefits to the physically disabled and elderly. These showers offer safety features and comfort to those who must use a wheelchair to make it into and out of the shower. They can also improve the health of wheelchair users by allowing them to bathe in the tub without assistance. For these reasons, wheelchair accessible shower stalls are an essential feature in many residential and commercial buildings that are wide enough to accommodate them. Knowing the dimensions of wheelchair-accessible showers is necessary before making a purchase.

Shower Suites. The size of the shower stall will depend largely on the number of wheelchair accessible showers that will be installed. Typically, three or four stall showers will be installed for the most ease of use. The floor space available must be large enough to allow for easy access and maneuvering by wheelchair users. The floor area should be wide enough so wheelchair users do not strain their backs while taking a bath.

Wheelchair Accessible Shower Stalls

Roll Up Shower Doors. Some wheelchair accessible shower doors are constructed with a collapsible water retainer. This water retainer will keep the wheelchair user’s wheelchair door stable even when it is opened and closed. This item can be a useful feature if your door’s swing in design is troublesome. In addition to a collapsible water retainer, some shower doors may include a bypass door, which allows a wheelchair to pass through the door even if the user is unable to climb over the side.

Wheelchair Accessible Roll-Up Bathroom Gates. If you do not have room inside of your handicapped accessible roll-up shower enclosure for a wheelchair accessible shower stall, you may want to consider a permanent, adjustable, self-closing, and self-locking gate. These gates can be installed on the wall outside the bathroom or they can be installed on the floor just below the tub. An electric wheelchair can easily slide through these gates.

Wall-Mountable Bathroom Gates. Some shower enclosures have an adjustable, wall-mounted gate that can be installed either on the floor or on the wall. This type of gate has the ability to roll up into a tiny “cake” that will protect the wheelchair from contact with the cold floor. The roll-up barrier is also convenient because it can be moved around the room to accommodate different wheelchair sizes.

Center Drain Connectors. This shower accessory is an excellent way to add a center drain to your bathroom. When installed, the center drain opens up for easy access by wheelchair or scooter users.

Wheelchair Accessible Shower Enclosure Kits. There are several wheelchair-accessible shower enclosure kits available. These kits are available in different styles and materials so you can easily find one that suits your bathroom design. A quick online search will show you the many options that are available for accessible showers.

The right shower enclosure can make a huge difference in the comfort and safety of a wheelchair user. You can improve your security and lessen your frustration when using the restroom. Don’t settle for a less safe or comfortable option. Talk to your trusted wheelchair conversion professional about what it would take to improve the accessibility of your shower. They will know what your best options are and help you make the best choice for your bathroom.

One Level Wet Room Shower Enclosure. This innovative wheelchair-accessible shower enclosure features one-level and step-in doors that make entering and exiting the bathroom easy and safe. It also features locking tie-down hinges on both the front and back of the door.

Roll Up Bathroom Shower Doors. Some wheelchair accessible shower stalls feature roll-up doors. These doors offer an attractive look, but do not provide much protection or security. Some of these roll-up doors have a flexible band that helps them fit around a wheelchair threshold well. Other models are made to simply fit over the threshold.

ADA Roll-Up Bathroom Doors. ADA, or Adaptive Technology Accessible Showers, provide a safe alternative to standard accessible showers. ADA roll-up doors are manufactured with a flexible metal frame to make sure they don’t pass over a wheelchair threshold.

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