Wheelchair Options – Bariatric Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Options – Bariatric Heavy Duty Wheelchairs: Buying a heavy duty wheelchair for your older or disabled loved one can be an important investment in their future mobility. It may seem like an unnecessary expense but the heavy duty wheelchair can make a huge difference in a person’s quality of life. After all, how much does it cost you to go in and out of the house and to get up and down the stairs every day? A heavy duty wheelchair can mean fewer visits to the grocery store and fewer trips to the pharmacy where you will likely have to fill a prescription.

Heavy duty wheelchairs (sometimes called heavy duty wheelchair models or extra heavy duty wheelchairs) come in several different styles and with several different ranges of weights and maximum seat widths. The heavy duty wheelchair range also varies significantly in price. So, before you purchase a heavy duty wheelchair, spend some time evaluating your needs and budget so that you end up with a wheelchair that meets all your requirements without breaking your budget.

Wheelchair Options - Bariatric Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

For heavy duty wheelchair users, there are four different weight capacities: the heavy duty wheelchair, standard wheelchair, travel chair, and the home/handicap mobility chair. The heavy duty wheelchair user has a heavy-duty electric motor that is driven by a battery and provides the user with forward and backward movement. The heavy duty wheelchair can accommodate users of all sizes and can be used with a variety of controls.

The standard heavy duty wheelchair is narrower than most other wheelchairs and is available in several different styles. However, the seat widths vary on these wheelchairs from very wide to very narrow. The standard heavy duty wheelchair seats can fit almost anybody and most chairs have enough height so that the feet can rest comfortably on the floorboard. Typically the seat will have a footrest, armrest, and sometimes a headrest. Most of these wheelchairs feature a heavy-duty motor that can be driven by one of several alternative power sources such as a power cord or AC adapter.

Travel wheelchairs are narrower than standard heavy-duty wheelchairs and are typically only available in about 15″ widths. These wheelchairs are not designed for heavy duty use and are usually only suitable for people who are capable of sitting without assistance for periods of time. The heavy duty wheelchair user can expect to climb stairs much more easily than a travel wheelchair since the wheels have a much greater pulling force when they are traveling up a set of stairs.

One of the biggest differences between standard heavy duty wheelchair models and bariatric wheelchair models is the weight capacity. Bariatric wheelchairs can weigh as much as 300 pounds. This is a heavy duty wheelchair, so it is designed for people who need help getting up from a seated position and moving around on their own, but it is not heavy duty in the sense that it has an extensive base or a heavy-duty motor. Lightweight travel wheelchairs can be as heavy as sixty pounds. Most handicap accessible heavy-duty wheelchair models range between twenty and thirty pounds in weight capacity.

Most heavy duty wheelchairs are available in either folding units that can be folded flat against a van’s bed or a platform that can be rolled away from the vehicle with the wheelchair inside. Folding models can provide maximum storage space for shorter trips, while models with longer seat sizes tend to require more storage space for long trips. In addition, the weight capacities of folding models generally range between eight and fifteen pounds. Longer seat sizes tend to be heavier and are more appropriate for people who are able to sit for longer periods of time. Most heavy-duty wheelchair designs have seats that range between twenty and thirty inches in length, although the most common available wheelchairs are twenty-two inches in seat height.

Some heavy duty wheelchair models, such as the extra-wide wheelchair, can weigh as much as three hundred ninety pounds. This heavy duty wheelchair offers a large extra wide leg rest and a three-point harness system. The extra-wide wheelchair also offers extra heavy-duty footrest, heavy-duty wheelchair wheels with pneumatic hubcaps, and a heavy-duty wheelchair motor. This heavy-duty wheelchair can weigh up to three hundred ninety pounds. This heavy-duty wheelchair is suitable for individuals who need help getting up from a seated position and who are in relatively good health and do not require extra support for their back.

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